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Cloudscapes of Aotearoa DVD extreme visions of beauty

Created by New Zealand's wizard of ambient electronica - Jed Town - Cloudscapes of Aotearoa digitally captures the extraordinarily beautiful skies of Aotearoa, towering columns of clouds and digitally recorded sounds of nature and/or with Jed Town's music is an ambience and soundtrack for any time. You can watch Cloudscapes as a film, but it's quiet music adds a dimension - imagine it at a dinner party playing on your wide screen TV ... this hypnotic masterpiece is a testament to nature's power and Jed Town's creativity .  
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FISH TANK TELLY - Jed Town fish tank telly DVD underwater masterwork

CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK (Second edition has sold out!) Released 2005 by Digitalwallpaper - Jed Town's FISH TANK TELLY animates the dance of domestic pet fish. David Blyth made a documentary about the keepers of these majestically adorned marine life and Jed Town filmed the fish and composed a sound track for multisensorial enjoyment. Jed Town's music seems to animate and give these fish more than animation, it gives them life and in his dramatic film work Aquarama - they become an aesthetic sensuality for the eye and ear. Well worth the relaxation.
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Buy the highly sought after music DVD FISH TANK TELLY - Jed Town's superb ambient tracks with videos of cool New Zealand native fish, a vibrant tropical tank and relaxing colourful marine tanks. We hear stocks are running out in the shops but you can still get it from Digital Wallpaper.
Fish Tank Telly DVD

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Digital Wallpaper features the ground breaking ambient compositions of Jed Town in his latest masterpiece FISH TANK TELLY.

Also available in good record stores, Marbecks, Real Groovy, Whitcoulls and on this site.

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"You've just got home after a night out but you're still wide awake and your poor frazzled brain is hurting from too much loud music. The solution? Fish Tank Telly. It's a DVD that combines soothing fish-based aquarium visuals with chilled ambient music. DigitalWallpaper is what they're calling it."
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